What's this?

A network of sites connected together by Maybe Logic! This webring was first forged in celebration of Maybe Day 2022 :))) Each member includes a badge on their site that links to the previous and next sites in the ring.

How to join

To join the New Trajectories Webring, send an email to RGC777@gmail.com with your site link, name, and an RSS feed (if one is available)

Add the banner

Once you've joined the ring, copy this code snippet into your site:

<p>Member of the <a href="https://new-trajectories.com">NEW TRAJECTORIES WEBRING</a></p>
<script async src="https://new-trajectories.com/embed.js" charset="utf-8"></script>

It will render this banner that links to the other members:


Of course, you can also make your own banner or just statically link to the next / previous people in the ring. This is just a default option that could work well for most people.